designer / illustrator / berkeley, ca

Hello! My name is Alina Buevich and I’m a designer & illustrator—sometimes my work lives online but other times you can spot it in print, at events, or even on some merch. Outside of that, I also spend my time drawing, taking on freelance projects, and collaborating on lump shop. In a lot of these projects you’ll see examples of work from my time as an in-house designer at Discord and Chronicle Books.

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The Land of Stone Flowers

/ 2019
The Land of Stone Flowers is a book by Ukranian artist, Sveta Dorosheva. Originally published under the name The Nenuphar Book, I designed the cover/case, endpages, and title page of this US edition and also typeset the book into English. Published by Chronicle Books in September 2018. / Read more.

Family Center Brochure 

/ 2022
As part of a big push to invest in teen safety, the Discord marketing team wanted to create a classic tri-fold brochure to distribute at in-person events that summarized their team’s efforts and ultimately led people to check out the newly built online safety hub.

Mockup of the final folded brochure
Flat design files so that it’s easier to see the layout design 

Cherry Bombe Ad 

/ 2019
A print ad announcing the new Tartine cookbook in Cherry Bombe, a biannual food magazine that celebrates women and food.

Chronicle Books Catalog Covers

/ 2019—2020
The catalog is one of those maligned print objects that serves a hugely important function but not traditionally valued in the world of print design. So I’d like to take this moment to pay respects to the yellow books of yore and also remember how fun it was to design these two covers and actually have them approved by all the company executives. Long live the drunk frog and peaceful pipe smoking cat.