designer / illustrator / berkeley, ca

Hello! My name is Alina Buevich and I’m a designer & illustrator—sometimes my work lives online but other times you can spot it in print, at events, or even on some merch. Outside of that, I also spend my time drawing, taking on freelance projects, and collaborating on lump shop. In a lot of these projects you’ll see examples of work from my time as an in-house designer at Discord and Chronicle Books.

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Name: Alina
Height: 5’7.5
Blood type: B
Pronouns: she/her
Born: Moscow, Russia
Grew up: New Jersey
Currently residing: Berkeley, CA
Artist’s Statement: I draw the lil guys

Likes: Tucci, sugar, computer, comics, crosswords, reading, tennis, procrasti-cleaning, biking
Likes (Crafting Edition): printing, bookbinding, calligraphy, sewing, felting, ceramics
Dislikes: cold savory food