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Hello! My name is Alina Buevich and I’m a designer & illustrator—sometimes my work lives online but other times you can spot it in print, at events, or even on some merch. Outside of that, I also spend my time drawing, taking on freelance projects, and collaborating on lump shop. In a lot of these projects you’ll see examples of work from my time as an in-house designer at Discord and Chronicle Books.

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Discord Pride 

/ 2021
In 2021, the Discord marketing team wanted to create an enamel pin that would serve as the visual cornerstone for that year’s Pride month charity campaign. The pin itself would be part of the highest reward tier and also dictate the look and feel of all the marketing assets. With 100% of the profits going to charity, I’m super proud of the fact that by the end of the campaign we raised more than $120,000 for GLSEN, a nonprofit working to end LGBT related discrimination and harassment in K-12 schools. 

The main goal I had for the pin design was for the pieces to fit together like a big puzzle. Other than it being visually pleasing, I really wanted to emphasize the feeling of togetherness and strength in union, i.e. what Pride parades are all about. In the image above you can see how the characters’ silhouettes all neatly fit into one another.

The shiny gold pin set, part of the highest reward tier

Sticker designs made as a lower-tier prize
Animation by Kevin Tang

Social media assets to showcase the various pride events & our final donation total

Camp Wumpus 

/ 2022
Project Lead / Alina BuevichGraphic Design, Booth Design / Alina Buevich, Amo Zhou
Graphic Design /
Fiona Tran, Joyce Woo, Jackie Chen
Illustration / Kevin Dam
Video / Discord Social Team 

In 2022, Discord finally returned to in-person events for PAX East, one of the largest public-facing gaming conventions in North America. Other than brand sponsorship of the event itself, Discord’s main presence at the convention consisted of a large booth, oodles of merch, and hosting a panel about communities. As the project lead it was my mission to creatively steer the giant ship of many moving parts into a cohesive and compelling storytelling experience. For this particular event we created Camp Wumpus, an immersive and inviting community campground where any bug, big or small, could come and hang out by the campfire.

Merch Collection

Booth Design

Because our external booth production vendor did not have actual designers on their team, Amo and I had to work very closely with them to art direct and ultimately design the booth to bring it closer to our initial creative vision for Camp Wumpus.

Social Media Response

One of the best parts of designing for events is being able to see real-time feedback from people engaging with your work. Here are some screencaps from social media that make me smile.

Open Book 

/ 2016
Open Book was an event hosted by Chronicle Books to give influencers and non-publishing industry folks a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes of how books get made. Working with the online marketing team, we designed a small art exhibit where each of the five publishing groups had one book representing their category. For the exhibit itself, the books stood on wooden plinths and all of the drafts, edits, and production materials were featured on the walls above them. 


The team wanted to create something that guests could take home with them to remember the event—eventually we decided on writing, designing, and printing a small booklet (very apt, I know). We interviewed both the editors and designers about their experience working on their corresponding books and featured excerpts from their interviews. There were also a few spreads about general bookmaking knowledge and company history.


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