designer / illustrator / berkeley, ca

Hello! My name is Alina Buevich and I’m a designer & illustrator—sometimes my work lives online but other times you can spot it in print, at events, or even on some merch. Outside of that, I also spend my time drawing, taking on freelance projects, and collaborating on lump shop. In a lot of these projects you’ll see examples of work from my time as an in-house designer at Discord and Chronicle Books.

Any questions . ?

Peets Coffee 

/ 2019
A freelance illustration project for Peet’s Coffee. They wanted to grow their popular City/State Mug Collection and the artist communities behind them. Each design was created by a local artist from their specific city and with all the proceeds going to local non-profit organizations.

This project is another one that I like to show the process for since it was really fun coming up with ideas for coffee related themes and illustrations. Read more here:

Baggu Website 

/ 2019
Some unused front end web design sketches for Baggu in early 2019—they were looking to explore different ways to visually organize their category pages.