Peet’s Mug

A very straightforward freelance illustration project for Peets Coffee that I’ve included as an example of process.

The Design Brief

Peet’s Coffee is growing their popular City/State Mug Collection and the artist community behind it. Each design will be created by a local artist and support a local non-profit organization.

  • Illustrate your favorite place to enjoy a great cup of coffee with a friend in your city / state.
  • Use imagery to evoke the ethos of your city/state
  • Optional: Incorporate a visual element of coffee
  • Prominently include text for the name of the city
  • No more than 3 colors (will be printed on a white mug)

Refined Sketches

After Peets viewed the initial rough sketches (slideshow), they chose to go forward with the first concept (Berkeley Marina). In the process of refining that sketch, I came up with a new idea based on slightly similar concepts. By taking the bike from the first sketch and thinking about it a bit more abstractly, I drew up a quick map-inspired design. While not accurate to any actual geography, it’s laden with metaphorical elements that draw from reality.

Further Refinements, Color, and Lettering

     The lettering was very much inspired by the city’s official art nouveau typeface.

The Final Design